Vaasa Finland 2017
For Upeart festival
Inspired by the Tibetan practice of heart stillness meditation whilst on a recent retreat with highly accomplished meditation teacher Burgs . .

There is a stillness within that is unmovable and effortless like a mountain, expansive like the sky & still like the mirror of a lake.

Over the past few years Buddhist meditation has become an integral part of my life & art practice. Through direct experience in meditation I have had insights into the functioning of the mind & consciousness that opens awareness; allowing me a peace & ease into the nature of reality. The Buddha taught that suffering is part of life & understanding the root of our suffering through meditation will bring about the secession of that suffering. I have found an immense happiness & the lack of stress, anxiety and negative mind states are all bonus effects from my practice. I have spent time in both Sri Lanka & India practicing on retreats and In forest Monasteries and to discover a clear and compressive teacher like Burgs is rare. He underwent intensive training in both Burma and India under some of the greatest living Buddhist meditation masters HH Dodrupchen Rinpoche and Pa Auk Sayadaw as his principal teachers. .
On completion of his training & under request of his teachers he disrobed as a monk in order to bring what he had learned to a Western audience. He has a ability to communicate deep knowledge of meditation & the mechanics & functioning of consciousness. He lives simply in the Pyrenees where he is building a model of sustainable community life & is deeply committed to exploring the effects that both modern technology and lifestyle is having upon the integrity of our consciousness.

I wish to share my experience and this teaching in the hope that you too may discover the benefits of meditation .If interested to learn more I recommend his autobiography ‘Beyond the veil’.
For more information on Burgs and his retreats please see
May all beings be happy.