3 x 4M canvas for ‪#‎art4rights‬ Art for Amnesty US exhibition in New Orleans With 12 artists raising awareness for 12 human rights violation cases around the world

Everything is interconnected

We are the waves In this ocean
The suffering of one is the suffering of many
The hope of one is the strength of many.
When we awaken to this our voices will ripple, the tides will change and we will start to heal a broken world
Our voices must ripple.
This is the theme of my mural and i have taken the inspiration from the story and strength of Phyoe Phyoe Aung from Myanmar Burma
She had been leading protests against the newly adopted National Education Law, Which curtails academic freedom.
She was one of the leaders of students marching from Mandalay to Yangon to protest new National Education Bill until they were brutally crushed down by Myanmar Police Force. In February Aung and bout 100 of the protesters were charged with various offenses: such as unlawful assembly, rioting etc. Together with 70 others she has been detained in a prison facing 6 years and 9 months in prison and for that she is a prisoner of conscious.
Aung already has served 3 years in prison from 2008 to 2011 for standing up against an unjust government.
When recently asked about the protests she replied:
We don’t have any weapons; We only have our own bodies to fight for what we want, “Her courage is unwavering and inspirational;. She is a true leader in the fight for freedom
Special thanks to curators Marvin Bing and bmike2c & the Soze & Amnesty USA family Who has worked so hard to bring attention to these Cases.