I am human through the reflection of your humanity back at me’
Oakland 2016
Ricky Lee Gordon x Athen B. Gallery x RVCA
“This mural deals with the inequality and hatred our world is absorbed in. Our history and present is full of apartheid, bias, bigotry, discrimination, one-sidedness, racialism, sectarianism, segregation and unfairness. When will we learn we are all just one? We cannot be human alone. Everything is connected , we are not just brothers and sisters , we are one and the same. I am you and you are me. The suffering of all and the joy of all belongs to all. When our flags fall our hearts will connect . May all be be happy and may all be free from suffering . ” -Rick Lee Gordon
A curatorial focus on process and cross-pollination, Athen B. aims to exhibit unique process driven exhibitions by collaborating artists from different areas. From Urban to Contemporary, our project is dedicated to representing the best of our Bay Area community and our extended family abroad through exhibitions on our walls and the walls of the neighborhood. We’re very excited to be working with RVCA sponsored artist Ricky Lee Gordon in Downtown Oakland on such a large beautiful wall as part of their Artist Network Program.
The mural can be found on 2125 Franklin St, Oakland, CA 94612c
So much gratitude to the good people at Athen B. Gallery and RVCA for making this happen.
More photos and a short video are up on the Athen B gallery blog.