Im off to Madagascar today for the FESTIVAl D ART URBAIN ANTANANARIVO 2014.
Thank you the curator Conor Ralphs for inviting me and thank you to the RVCA Artist network program for contributing towards projects costs.

/A ripple

A new wall in Cape Town.

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New paintings

In the shadow of our history”
Acrylic on canvas 2014
120cm x 90cm

A Portrait of the artist Remed.
30cm x 30cm
Oil on canvas


Woodstock Cycle Works invited me to paint the exterior of their new workshop/store.
I collaborated with photographer Stan Engelbrecht who is well know for his Bicycle portraits book.
We took some shots outside the new Woodstock Cycle Works looking for the shapes within the formations cyclists make riding together.I then collaged these images with running springboks to reflect on the subtle similarities.

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I was invited back to Joburg to paint the other side of the Madiba mural
The Springbok represents us as a nation and the river reflects ourselves and our community. Now that Mandela has passed, we are looking into our reflection and assessing our Ubuntu in the past, present and future¨.

Freedom Day mural

Mural to commemorate 20 years of Democracy in South Africa
Cape Town

Thailand meditation retreat

I was privileged to be invited to attend a artistic mediation retreat on an island south of Thailand hosted by the Peace Revolution organization.
The retreat included 24 artist from around the world
Each day we practiced 4 hours meditation guided by two teaching monks accompanied by 2 hours of lectures on Dharma (Wisdom) and the rest of the day free for art practice.

At the end of 2 weeks we packed up what artwork we had made to be exhibited in Bangkok.
I created a series of 7 paintings titled ‘Peace is a journey’.

Madiba mural


I was humbled by the invitation to paint a 40 Meter tall (10 story) Nelson Mandela mural in the east city of Johannesburg commissioned by the Maboneng precinct as a gift to the city in memory of this giant of a man.
The mural is inspired by Madiba’s definition of ‘Ubuntu’ which is; ‘You cannot be human all by yourself’.

I chose to paint the iconic image of him boxing as he believed all were equal in the ring. Also this wall is not to far from the rooftop where this image was taken.I was so honored when permission was granted to me to paint the mural using the image by Bob Gosani copywrite by the BAHA foundation.

The mural took me 4 days to complete in 2013 just after Madiba’s passing.And I almost completed it on the day of his funeral,with only a few touch ups to do the storms and winds came down and the window washer broke and so completion was delayed to 2014.

I am truly inspired by the legacy of Madiba forever grateful and motivated to continue living to achieve his vision.

I am because we are

Photos by Bheki Dube and Myself.

Elephant Monday

A2 screen print
Fabriano cotton paper
Edition of 25 with hand detail.
Price: R1000 or 100$


Please take a look ,like and share a new project I co founded.

ColourIkamva is an organisation that works to re-imagine the learning experience in disadvantages schools through;

The physical transformation of the learning environment, co-created with students and educators, giving them a strong sense of pride and ownership over their space

Personal-development workshops, promoting innovative and creative thinking that can foster positive habits to sustain the transformation and explore art as a tool for self-empowerment.

An academic study where we aim to prove the value of an inspiring, uplifting environment on learner outcomes.

Colour Ikageng school transformation from ColourIkamva on Vimeo.